Foam Automatic Fire Extinguishing System

Foam Automatic Fire Extinguishing System

WATANIA provides foam system solutions for special hazard projects. WATANIA has unparalleled engineering capabilities in foam system design and equipment supply to satisfy our customers and protect their high value projects like Refineries, aircraft hangars, tank farms and chemical storage hazards.

Bladder Tanks & Foam Concentrates:

  • 50 Gallons Up to 4000 Gallons Bladder Tanks & Proportioning Equipment, UL/FM Approved
  • AFFF, FP, FFFP, AR-AFFF Listed Foam Concentrates, UL Listed

Foam Chambers, Cooling Nozzles/Foam Sprinklers:

  • Rim Seal Pourers for Floating Tanks
  • Foam Chambers for Fixed Roof Tanks
  • Cooling Nozzles for Tanks & Water Foam Sprinklers for Loading Bays

Foam Monitors:

  • Manual, Self-Oscillating & Remote-Controlled Monitors for Small & Large Flow Rates

Foam Pumps:

  • Rotary Gear Foam Displacement Pumps, UL Listed FM Approved for Special Hazard Projects.
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