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Maintenance & After Sales Services

Maintaining reliability throughout the entire life cycle of a fire protection system involves three distinct and equally important tasks which must be performed on a periodic basis: (1.) visual inspections, (2.) functional testing and (3.) maintenance activities. Many overlook the need to visually inspect the fire system and concentrate only on the functional testing of the components. However, each of these tasks are necessary and contribute to the assurance of a fire system that is ready to perform in the case of a fire.

WATANIA understood that Maintenance is the work necessary to keep the fire system operating properly, Our Maintenance, Service & Inspection Division provides high-level expertise for inspection, testing and maintenance of customers’ life safety systems in accordance with latest industry standards including NFPA and ISO9001:2008. Our professional staff provides a broad range of services for commercial, retail, office, educational, light industrial and multi-unit facilities. These services include:

  • Inspections and testing of existing fire protection systems.
  • Maintenance of existing sprinkler, suppression or alarm systems.
  • Modification of fire protection systems to make them code compliant.
  • 24/7 emergency service and repair.
  • On-site training for use/proper operation of systems.

Our maintenance services include the following Systems:

A- Fire Fighting & Suppression Systems Covering:

Wet and dry sprinkler systems, pre-action and deluge systems.

Standpipes & Hydrants, Fire Hose Reel & Hose Rack Systems.

Fire pumps.

Fire Suppression Systems including FM 200; Novec 1230; CO2 systems; Commercial Wet Chemical Kitchen Hood systems; Halon; all clean agents.

Water mist.

Fire extinguishers.

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