Pipes & Fittings

Pipes & Fittings

WATANIA completes its extensive range of supply for fire protection systems with high quality pipes and fittings from the best manufacturers worldwide having certified UL and/or FM Approved products and complying to ASTM, AWWA and BS-EN Standards.

Carbon Steel Black/Galvanized Pipes:

  • Pipes complying to ASTM A53/A106, UL Listed
  • Pipes complying to BS-EN Standard

Malleable/Ductile Iron Threaded Fittings:

  • Malleable/Cast/Ductile Iron, Threaded
  • AWWA/BS Compliant, UL Listed FM Approved

Grooved Fittings:

  • Ductile Iron Material
  • ASTM Compliant, UL Listed FM Approved
  • Painted and Galvanized
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