Consultancy & Training

Consultancy & Training

WATANIA project Consultancy and training provides advice, guidance and training on a wide variety of Fire Safety matters. Our team comprises of safety professionals and NFPA certified fire specialists so you can be sure that we will assist you with your legal compliance. We provide you with Professionally Qualified and Experienced consultants, with in excess of 15 years’ experience of providing safety services, for a wide variety of clients across a range of sectors. Drawing from our substantial experience, we can provide you with a comprehensive range of the very best Professional Safety Consultancy and Training services.

A. Fire Fighting & Suppression Systems Including:

Wet and dry sprinkler systems, pre-action and deluge systems

Standpipes & Hydrants, Fire Hose Reel & Hose Rack Systems

Fire pumps

Fire Suppression Systems including FM 200; Novec 1230, CO2 systems, Commercial Wet Chemical Kitchen Hood systems

Water mist

Leak detection

Fire extinguishers

B. Fire Alarm & Detection Systems Covering:

Conventional Fire Alarm Systems

Addressable Fire Alarm Systems

Linear heat detection & optical flame detection Systems

Air sampling systems

Integrated Voice Evacuation Systems

Emergency lighting & exit lighting systems

C. Integrity Testing:

Fire Suppression Systems Enclosures Integrity Testing

D. Public Address and Voice Evacuation System Covering:

Paging and Sound System

Voice Evacuation System

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